Personalized Ayurvedic Annual Package

Annual packages provide more time to get to know and understand the unique constitution of an individual.

More frequent contact between the therapist and the Client results in stable motivation while following Ayurvedic recommendations and provides space for the necessary support to the Client through the seasons. This often provides long-term results in comparison to Basic consultations.

The special feature of the Personalized Annual Package is that great emphasis is placed on Ayurvedic cooking, more precisely on the adaptation of dietary habits to the individual constitution through the 4 seasons.

The “Personalized Ayurvedic annual package” is for people who:

  • want to maintain long-term positive changes in their diet and routine
  • feel that they need the motivation and support of a counselor for a year on the way
  • feel that they need support through the changes of the seasons
  • want to learn more about Ayurvedic cooking
  • want to go deeper into the understanding of their own constitution and further develop their own Dinacharya (Ayurvedic routine) and Yoga practice (asana, meditation, Pranayama)

    The annual package consists of four Ayurvedic consultations lasting up to 90 minutes (each) and four personalized diet plans for your constitution with Ayurvedic guidelines for the respective season:
  1. Consultations + e-booklet – personalized nutrition plan Spring
  2. Consultations + e-book – personalized diet plan Summer
  3. Consultations + e-book – personalized diet plan Autumn
  4. Consultations + e-book – personalized diet plan Winter

Consultation structure:

Mayurveda Ayurveda consultations combine Ayurveda and nutrition.

  1. In-depth interview and examination (up to 90 min – online or in-person)

Consultations consist of an examination and an in-depth interview with the Client lasting up to 90 minutes, in order to determine the general and current state of the individual for a certain season.

  1. An introduction to Ayurveda

One part of the interview is dedicated to the basics of Ayurveda and understanding the season in question, which is necessary for understanding Ayurvedic guidelines and following Ayurvedic recommendations.

  1. Creation of general Ayurvedic recommendations (within 1-7 days after consultation)

Recommendations are adapted to the specific season, climate, and lifestyle of the Client. One to seven days after the consultation, recommendations are delivered to the Client in the form of an e-booklet. If necessary, Ayurvedic herbal therapy is used as part of the recommendation in accordance with the individual’s constitution, current condition, and seasons.

  1. Support and follow-up (30 days)

Sudden and drastic changes are not for everyone and are often not sustainable. The counselor maintains a long-term relationship with the Client, in order to adapt the recommendations as much as possible, while the client is expected to be ready to open his mind, follow the advice and be ready to introduce changes in his daily life.

  • Price:  196,00 € 

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