Basic annual Ayurvedic package

Annual packages provide more time to get to know and understand the unique constitution of an individual.

More frequent contact between the therapist and the Client results in stable motivation while following Ayurvedic recommendations and provides space for the necessary support to the Client through the seasons. This often provides long-term results in comparison to Basic consultations.

The “Basic annual Ayurvedic package” is for people who:

  • want to maintain long-term positive changes in their daily routine, especially regarding diet
  • feel that they need the motivation and support of a counselor throughout the year
  • who have already used some of the Mayurveda services, no longer need help with diet plans, but need support through the changing seasons
  • want to go deeper into understanding their own constitution and further develop their own Dinacharya (Ayurvedic routine) and Yoga practice (asana, meditation, Pranayama)
  • The annual package consists of four basic Ayurvedic consultations lasting up to 60 minutes (each) and four e-booklets with general Ayurvedic guidelines for the respective season:
  1. Consultations + e-booklet Spring
  2. Consultations + e-book Summer
  3. Consultations + e-book Autumn
  4. Consultations + e-book Winter

Consultation structure:

  1. In-depth interview and examination (up to 60 min – online or in-person)

Consultations consist of an examination and an in-depth interview with the Client lasting up to 60 minutes, in order to determine the general and current state of the individual for a certain season.

2. Creation of general Ayurvedic recommendations (within 1-7 days after consultation)

Recommendations are adapted to the specific season, climate, and lifestyle of the Client. One to seven days after the consultation, recommendations are delivered to the Client in the form of an e-booklet.

*A personalized diet plan is not included in the general recommendations. For this service, please see the option: “Ayurvedic consultation and diet plan“, or the service “Personalized annual package: 4 seasonal Ayurvedic consultations and 4 diet plans”.

  • Price: 130,00 € 

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