Dear friends, welcome!

Since I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Ayurveda on my social media, I decided to start a blog where I can share more on this topic.

This blog is inspired by Ayurveda, an ancient Vedic holistic medicine with whose help I’ve been finding valuable knowledge and naturally bringing my health into balance. I write about my own experience and view on healthy food, cooking, Yoga practices, and conscious life in general, which can inspire you to bring more awareness into your daily routine – regardless of your lifestyle, beliefs, or experience.

I am aware that nowadays, there is a lot of information about holistic ”healing” online. I don’t want to write a “preachy” blog, getting people into thinking they need to “heal” something, change their diet, or live differently. We are all on our unique paths, have our own evolution and we are already perfect the way we are. Ayurveda is a beautiful tool, but like any other concept, it can be tricky because our mind tends to be one-pointed and has a hard time grasping the whole picture. That especially goes for the vast knowledge of Ayurveda – I won’t be able to cover it all on this blog. We might be interested in the holistic health approach, but can easily get stuck in just another concept unconsciously (for example – becoming too strict about another “healthy” diet, although is “ayurvedic”), which is again leading us to disbalance on another part of our life – while we just want to feel better, live free and be happy as a whole.

So, please be aware that the things I will be writing here are based on just one part of my experience; feel free to take what is aligned with you – and let go of the rest. Always listen to your body and your inner self in the first place.

Thank you for reading!


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